mercredi 7 août 2013

Too Hot To Blog in August

...Nevertheless, I am resposting an interview I did a while ago with Anna Fill, Editor in Chief of Riviera Woman Magazine, in Monaco.  It takes place on a hot and steamy day in August, not unlike today!

samedi 29 juin 2013


Despite the roster of jazz festivals, art gallery openings, equestrian events and an increasing number of high-end restaurants and nightclubs; Monaco appears to have acquired  a decidedly prolitarian ambiance.

Is this a good thing?

I have absolutely no idea.

But the show at the MARLBOROUGH was impressive.

Fernando BOTERO
Richard ESTES
27 juin - 6 septembre 2013




The same evening:


photos by delorys welch tyson

mardi 14 mai 2013


"I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don' t notice it"
--Alice Walker, The Color Purple

Okay it's lavender, not purple...but close enough!

jeudi 4 avril 2013

Mr. Albee's Words of Wisdom

“You gotta have swine to know where the truffles are.”

~Edward Albee

Spring In the South of France Means....

Being back in business!!"  Out of hiding!   Rebirth and renewal!





But dispite this gloriously sunny day, weather predictions say that it will be raining again for the next week or so.
No swimming this month, I guess.
Bye for now...

photography by Delorys Welch Tyson

lundi 11 février 2013


This is for those of you who are headed in this direction for Nice Carnivale.  Here is a taste of my adopted town:
(photo by Allan Tyson)

photo by Delorys Welch Tyson

google image

google image
google image
photo by delorys welch tyson

photo by Delorys Welch Tyson

photo by delorys welch tyson

photo by Delorys Welch Tyson

photo by allan tyson

photo by Delorys Welch Tyson

google image

See why I chose to live here?

mardi 22 janvier 2013

Revisiting Our (American) Roots DJANGO :UNCHAINED

Finally got up the nreve to see it at the Cinema Rialto in the rue de Rivoli in Nice:

What did I think of it ?

Ridiculous.  But then so was Jackie Browne, Kill Bill 2 & 1.  So was Pulp Fiction. So was Killing Zoe.  So you see….I’ve been a fan of the ridiculous for quite some time.  In my opinion, Quentin Tarrentino has a unique way of blending the serious with the ridiculous which I enjoy and admire.

Writer and director ,Quentin Tarantino

The movie was way too long…but then, that’s probably his point.  Some things just go on way too long.
Filmmaker Spike Lee, Upset about something as usual; ajnd Jamie Fox

Historical accuracy?  Who cares.  Maybe there was no slavery. No European Holocaust.  No Bubonic Plague wagons. No Crusades.  Just a long history of loving warm populations all over the world inspiring one another toward greatness.  Cumbaya and all that.
Jamie Fox and Leonardo DiCaprio

In other words, I would highly recommend this movie to people …adult people…with strong stomachs AND a twisted sense of humor.
Leonardo with the fabulous Samuel L. Jackson
I would also say that this is his best movie so far.